Reading Track – Shokugeki No Souma/Childish Gambino/Sweatpants

Welp back with another Reading Track. Now I’m going to hit another manga again for the sake diversity and the way it’s been going so far. Now the series is “Shokugeki no Souma” and you might be familiar with it since it’s been put on Crunchyroll recently. And for those who haven’t you might want to hop on it. The series is based around cooking and orgasm.

Yes. Orgasm from eating delicious foods. So definitely NFSW.



It’s a pretty simple story. Main Character Souma gets put in this high charity school for gifted chefs and they this place is ruthless for the lazy and untalented. But it does nourish the professionals even at a young age, and Souma has to rise to the challenge to prove to people that working at a small town shop, is more than enough to be professional chef.

But do read this with a grain of salt, it involves food and professional cooking. So you’ll miss a lot of the plot since it revolves more around the culinary than anything. But it’s fine since the story progresses pretty smoothly, and the over dramatization of people’s clothes ripping off and exotic daydreams of erotica from delicious food, is more than enough to compensate.

So I decided to pick a track with as much ridiculousness as this one. Sweatpants off of Childish Gambino’sBecause the Internet” album was perfect. Mostly because of the line “but nigga are you eatin though?” was a great representation of what happens in this series. Just taste it and watch your reaction go off essentially.


So pick up the series and give a read. Or watch the anime, it topped off at 12 episodes and I hope it gets a 2nd season for the anime fans that rather watch it than read it.

also check out Childish Gambino’s album Because the Internet. Because it was great that even the Grammys decided to nominate it for the year of 2014.


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