2016 Grammy Awards

Now we’re going to ignore my absence real quick cuz it’s not important. What’s important is how close we are from the 58th Grammy Awards which airs on Feb.18 of the new year. And the Nominees are pretty solid for the year of 2015 and I’m glad on who’s made it this time around.

But before I continue I suggest you look at the list yourself before reading my opinion on it:

so take a moment and look at that real quick.

okay done? Let’s move on.

Now if you pay close attention…..you’ll see that Kendrick Lamar is winning something definitely. He’s got about 5+ nominations as lead artist or featured artist that there’s no way he’s going home empty handed. Now don’t get me wrong, he’s worked pretty hard to get here and he’s well deserving of some of these awards. But he’s not who am I rooting for at all.

So I suppose I’ll go through what categories and who I have my eyes set on winning the shiny trophy. Now this is my opinion based only on a good majority on things I have a good knowledge on and just biased predictions. So chill out.

Best Dance Recording of the Year:
Flying Lotus – Never Catch Me (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

Best Electronic/Dance Album of the Year:
Skrillex & Diplo Presents: Jack U

Best Urban Contemporary Album:
The Internet – Ego Death

Best Rap Performance:
Drake – Back to Back

Best Rap/Sung Collaboration:
Kendrick Lamar – These Walls (Feat. Anna Wise, Bilal, Thundercat)

Best Rap Song:
Kendrick Lamar – Alright

Best Rap Album:
J Cole – 2014 Forest Hill Drive

Now these are the only categories I was interested in for the most part and the rest I’ll leave it to the victors. But like I said before, it’s a tough list and it looks pretty honest. So it can definitely go either way and I hope for the best for all the nominees.

Don’t agree with my list? Why not make your own and see who gets more right?

After the awards I might do a full 2015 list of albums and artists I enjoyed throughout the year and see how that plays out. Other than that, glad to be back and hope to bring more reviews and honest opinions on music. See you soon.


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