Video Game Soundtrack Highlight – The World Ends With You

Now some games come with an amazing pieces that symbolizes and resonates with either the scenery of the game or that twist and turn as the story shifts from calm and cool nature, to that of a boss fight. But in most cases, games just make soundtracks just to have music in them and they’re so lackluster in the sense of them being noticeable. So go ahead, and think about the last 10 games you’ve played and how many of them had a decent soundtrack at least.

If you got over 5 then it means you’ve been playing stuff with well orchestrated soundtracks and kudos to you. Now I’ve mentioned a few games before with amazing soundtracks, either on my podcast or in a post (i.e Grand Theft Auto V, Streets of Rage Remake) but right now I want to talk about a game that’s seemingly underrated. That game is “The World Ends With You“. It’s not talked about enough in my opinion as much as it’s cousin in nature “Kingdom Hearts”. They were both developed by Tetsuya Nomura of Square Enix and hell “TWEWY” (The World Ends With You for short) characters got a chance to feature in Kingdom Hearts in Dream Drop Distance 5 years after it’s release.  It was an amazing game ladies and gentlemen that really utilizes the stylus with dual screen combat. It was a bit confusing at first but when you get it, you really get the most out of the game’s combat system and do some amazing stuff.


But it’s not about the gameplay it’s about the soundtrack and it seemingly tried to blend in all of popular genres of music from rock, to pop, and then hip hop. Yes. HIP HOP. A Japanese Game Developer consciously made the decision to add Hip Hop in it’s list of music to add on the soundtrack. Nuts. Don’t worry though, it wasn’t riddled with it either, only two tracks were hip hop oriented with one of them being the high points of the game. And I suppose the game’s setting really takes part on why the soundtrack is build in such a way. I mean Shibuya is a bustling region tthat really follows closely to an urban culture whether it be fashion or music. Plus it’s kind of a mirror of Time Square so it’s going to advertise things popular in the same esteem.


I can talk about the soundtrack in detail as much as possible but you have to listen to it yourself….but the experience is at it’s best when playing the game. It’s available for the Nintendo DS so if you find it in stores or online check it out yourself and I promise you it’s a Square Enix title you will enjoy.

PS My Favorite Track off the Soundtrack


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