Love. Peace. And AFROPUNK!

So this past weekend the something amazing descended upon Brooklyn. Afropunk Fest 2015 rolled into town. This annual festival came back around and brought the beauty, fashion and afro-centric culture that flows with it. But you know why we here, the music, and this year was no exception of banging performances. The crowds were electric and for good reasons, check out the lineup


With icons the likes of Lauryn Hill, Lenny Kravitz  and Grace Jones blessing the same stage as up and coming artist and bands makes for an amazing combination. The crowds were not disappointed. The performances were things right out of a dream that you never wanted to end.  It goes to say that with the rest of the stops have a new standard to top.


To see all of the artist that were on the lineup was a joy, because the diversity and the talent gathered for those two days was overwhelming. I always like festivals like this because with groups like Suicidal Tendencies  are followed after Danny Brown. Or if Lion Babe shares the same stage with SZA and Kelis  gives me chills. But to see Lauryn bless the stage, especially with the anniversary of her most accomplished album “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”, from which she won five Grammys in one night and multiple other awards.


But the real performance that stole the show was Grace Jones.  To say it was an experience would be an understatement. Where can we really start with this. Honestly, Grace Jones is the true definition of Timeless. If I were to have never seen her before and you told me she was 67 years old I would call you a liar.


This woman has still got it, no matter what they tell you, you are never too old to do what you love. She really embodied exactly what Afropunk Fest is entirely. That performance alone will not be forgotten by anybody who was there.

Grace Jones performs at the Afropunk Festival in Brooklyn, NY on August 22, 2015. Photographed by Jason Bergman for FACT Mag / /

Our boy, YR Genration’s own Conscious Leo got to attend and be one of the few that experienced this amazingness that happened. We caught up with him to get his take on the whole experience of Afropunk Fest.


“Afropunk will always resonate deeply with me, because it was a melting pot of different races, genders, sexual orientations, body sizes and styles all coming together as a unified subculture that was reflected in both Hip-Hop and Punk Rock, which are more synonymous than estranged. There was never a moment when I didn’t feel like I was being embraced by those around me and one with the moment. I think the most underrated part of the Afropunk experience, is the “Activism Corner”, which is a space dedicated to booths that house people offering others the chance to make a difference locally or nationally, whether it was “Hip-hop saves lives” or “Black Lives Matter”. It was all love.”
All and all another amazing turn out and another wonderful lineup for Afropunk Fest. I can’t wait to see who shows up, and who shows out next year. Afropunk Fest is a place for everybody and if you can’t see that you may need to take a step back and reevaluate some things. If you want more info or to see more of the acts and the other stops visit Afropunk Fest.

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