The Alchemist & Oh No Presents Welcome To Los Santos

Video Game Soundtracks can be a hit or miss in most cases depending on the composer/producer and what kind of game they will be composing/producing for. Now Grand Theft Auto 5 had a good selection of tracks for the radio (which is highly subjective for most people who’ve played the game) and the actual Score for the game was a hidden treasure. I found appreciation for GTA 5 The Score more so then the radio tracks. But what’s special is when the producers of the soundtracks and the Score comes back together to drop another album based on the game then definitely count me interested. So let’s break it down shall we?
soundtrack_gtavGangrene’s previous production

Welcome To Los Santos was released on April 21,2015 by hip hop duo Gangrene (The Alchemist & Oh No) under Rockstar Games and Mass Appeal Records. The album is 14 tracks long with a run time of 52:13 which means it’s practically an hour long. The album is feature heavy and leaves no room for any instrumentals compared to the original GTA soundtrack which you can find a few instrumentals. In addition, this album is mix genre so it isn’t just Hip Hop dispute being produced by a hip hop duo. Like the game, it’s music comes in a variety but it doesn’t really stretch too far in terms of the scope of variation. It is a very interesting line up of artists, some you may know and others you’ll definitely never heard of. So I guess it’s like dipping your hand into the unknown a bit but dont worry it’s not entirely scary.

actual_1425655389album cover

Like I said before, the album is a bit diverse in genre. So it’s giving you something new to try at the same time giving you what you’d expect from a GTA inspired soundtrack. You’ll even see some artists get mixed up with new artists to make something entirely new, and somehow refreshing. But other than that I’ll won’t say it’s got something that makes it stand out.

Favorite Tracks 

Trouble (Feat. Aloe Blacc) – Ab Soul does his thing on this track, but I love the chorus for this.

Welcome To Los Santos (Feat. Mc Eiht & Freddie Gibbs) – West Coast Rappers on a West Coast theme song of a game based in the West Coast. Talk about perfection. MC Eiht being an old school WC rapper and Gibbs being new school mashing the beauty of both timelines. Since this track was originally an instrumental in the original soundtrack (that I liked alot) good to see some vocals that did a good job on it.

Play It Cool (Feat. Samuel T. Herring & Earl Sweatshirt) – This track is seemingly the one track produced entirely by Gangrene which is a great intro track into the album. But I’ll say Earl definitely stole this outside of the very smooth chorus.


The album isn’t too impressive but it’s definitely something worth checking out for it’s estrange selection. It’s got some good ones and probably some meh ones but I didn’t entirely hate it. I have a slight appreciation for what it tried to do, and apart of me hoped it got added to the Grand Theft Auto 5 soundtrack as a downloadable patch. It probably didn’t but one can only hope.


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