Skrillex and Diplo Presents Jack U Album Review

Skrillex has done a good job making a name for himself, and now has a record label with some pretty good artists of the electronic variant hailing under it’s banner. But fame doesn’t necessarily mean music production will stop and an all around amazing collaboration might be seen somewhere in his future. But to do a collaboration with Diplo? That’s asking to do something amazing and thus their new duo name “Jack U” came about. Now all that’s left is to make music. Thus the self titled album was released and I must review it.

Skrillex and Diplo Presents Jack U was released on February 27,2015 under both record labels owned by Skrillex and Diplo respectfully (OWSLA and Mad Decent). The album is 9 tracks long (10 if you get the Deluxe Bonus Track) with a total run time of 36 minutes. So it’s pretty damn short and that includes the tracks. Short, sweet, and filled with a lot of umph! This album is a accumulation of several electronic sub genres such as Trap, Dubstep, and House with a hint of Pop in it.


This album is amazingly dance heavy so don’t expect any slow or politically smart tracks here. This album is made for partying, dancing, and ultimately acting a fool. With Diplo added to the mix, some of these tracks are going to have hella mount of kick so hell you might enjoy this in the car as well when put on high volume. It’s got some good features on it such as 2Chainz, Missy Elliot, and Justin Beiber who each add some level of their own flavor to the mix. The most interesting part is how the tracks blend well with some artists singing/rapping style that really pops. There’s diversity and flavor, even Skrillex’s odd love for island style music like Reggae and Dance Hall. But other than that, you can’t really see anything around it being a party album. Only about two tracks are a little more emotional and bit slower compared to the more active and pulse pumping tracks and they will stand out to say otherwise, but majority rules.

JackUuml_zpscc103e7cSkrillex (left) and Diplo (Right)
Favorite Tracks 

Beats Knocking (Feat. Fly Boi Keno) – After the short intro track, this song kicks off what the album is about and it does so very strong. It gets the vibe going and it doesn’t stop. And the beat drop hits strong with consistency that follows. This is the first sign that you’re going to be jamming all the way through this MF.

Jungle Bae (Feat. Bunji Garlin) – That Dance Hall/island music mix I mentioned earlier can be found on this track. Like a few notable tracks produced by Skrillex, he does a great job with the mixture without taking much from it. The blend is wonderful giving you that island vibe while still bumping to the bass heavy electronic as well.

Where Are You Now (Justin Beiber) – Forget the “I Hate Justin Beiber” bandwagon that started so long ago. The guy is an ass, so is Kanye and a list of other artists but we still listen to them either way. Now that’s out the way, Beibs does a great job with vocals on this track, and this being one of the tracks that stand out from the rest. His soft and tender approach with a melodic tempo and beat makes this one stick out like a sore thumb. Or a stain on a white shirt. It’s amazing, good job Justin.

Take U There (Feat. Kiesza) (Missy Elliot Remix) – Standalone the track is pretty amazing I won’t even lie. But Missy E killed this track. Just slayed it entirely and a perfect remix for a bonus track. Totally worth the deluxe version.


Got pretty good elements, swell production quality and the features were great all around. If you’re a Skrillex,Diplo, or Electronica music fan then this does exactly what it needed to and then some. It’s amazing, fun and exciting and it doesn’t stop. Easy album to play during a party and let it roll with little to no problems or need to skip anything. So DJs put it on your list and hang tight, your sub woofs might need surgery after.
I give Jack U a 8.5/10 for being amazing experience and almost destroying my ear drums.


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