2015 Album Ranking Part 1

Alright so it’s April so I think it’s time to start ranking the stuff I’ve been listening to since the start of the year. Now this ranking only counts what’s been released this year and not stuff I’ve discovered throughout 2015. Now I counted 13 albums I picked up since the year began (with about 2-3 more on the way) I’ll just judge what I have now and do a Top 5 for the time being. And Since the year is still going obviously this list is welcome to change as the year progresses, but for this quarter of the year here’s the Eagle’s Top 5 most favorite albums to date:

5. Madeon – Adventure (Electronic)


I normally don’t have a go to Electronic artist with an exception of maybe 3-4 artists and Madeon was a recent pick up for me actually. So when I discovered he dropped Adventure I had to pick it up and see what he had to deliver and I was impressed. This made #5 on the list because it was a different sound, something unique and it stood out among the rest. Madeon’s produces a very interesting style that blends electronic music and pop music in one or at least that’s the kind of sound I get when I listen to the album. In addition,he was even kind enough to add some of his EP stuff and single Technicolor into the deluxe version.

4. Skrillex and Diplo Presents: Jack U 


Skrillex on the dubstep and Diplo on the Electronic Trap are you kidding me? That’s turn up music now matter how you look at it, and with no surprise it was. Two thirds of this album is just pure jams but it mixes up a bit throughout the album so none of the songs sound the same. Plus it’s like they’re doing a Tag Team wrestling match and swap between genres at times or just mix it, it’s nuts. Easy #4 spot.

3. Ludacris – Ludaversal 


People have asked for this album since he announced it back in 2012. That was practically 3 years ago! With Ludacris doing movies and a few under par music projects in between I felt like this thing would never drop. And if it did it would under preform. You know what they say about artists being movie actors right? The music end suffers and I had lost all hope for this CD. But I was so wrong. It was like this album was made to prove me wrong and hit me with a correctional punch to the face and I loved it. Luda brought some surprises especially in my case and it has a lot of emotion in it so don’t expect it to be anything mainstream at all.

2. Lupe Fiasco – Tetsuo and Youth 


Drop like 5 singles promoting the album for about a year and then put none of them in the album. Why? So you when you get a full album of 16 tracks to listen to and you didn’t expect not a goddamn thing. For anyone who read my review on this bad boy, it scored a perfect score for it’s imagination, flow, and execution. Years from now, I’ll still be talking about this as one of Lupe’s 2nd best album behind “The Cool” and it won the #2 spot for sure.

1. Joey Badass – B4 Da $$ 


And now for the #1 spot. Joey has been flying under the radar as an amazing lyricist and the perfect flagship for Hip Hop in it’s current state. He brings music styles rocking from the past with a blend of hooks and features fresh from the hat and he’s been attacking the underground circuit with good music since his mixtape “1999“. Hailing from Brooklyn he’s got some hood in him but it’s almost barely recognizable in his music as it’s socially conscious and ambitious in nature. Kid has a lot of inspiration and uses it to build this album especially considering all the help he got to make it. This is his debut as well and I’m surprised so little people talk about it. While people are harping up the success of the more commercially acceptable albums, I’ll be putting this one on my top spot for doing what actually matters, making music that not only sounds good but is good.

So that’s my Top 5 ranking for the first quarter of 2015. *ahem* a few notable nominations:
Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly 
The Prodigy – The Day Is My Enemy 
Wale – Album About Nothing 

yes Kendrick gets a notable nomination. I’ll have an album review on that to explain why it didn’t get ranked Top 5. But let’s be honest, this is my opinion so we all shouldn’t be so upset about that anyways. We got more music on the way so we’ll see and I will say I’m quite excited to do this again for the next season. So stay posted.


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