PRhyme Self Titled Album Review

Alright it’s been a while since the last album review and with the huge amount of album releases going on lately it’s crazy what to pick. So I’m going to backtrack into 2014 to review something I thought was cool that got dropped. A combination of Royce Da 5’9 and DJ Premier aka PRhyme. This is the 2nd recent collaboration of two members of hip hop coming together (that I know of) to drop some pretty good music together since Run The Jewels in 2013 and they were amazing. So let’s talk about their self titled album they dropped.


PRhyme was released on December 9th, 2014 under their own record label PRhyme Record Label. The Studio album consists of 9 tracks with a run time of 34 minutes which makes it relatively small and quick to listen to. Which is the point of reviewing this and possibly recommending it. Sometimes a quick pick up is nice once and a while to enjoy before diving deeper into the longer and more track heavy albums. Plus this is hip hop, you’re rarely hear about a quick pick up with the way people drop mix-tapes out here.


Now PRhyme is a nice album to unwind too with just maybe 1-2 hype tracks. With samples from Psychedelic Soul Composer Adrian Younge (or at least how they advertise him) you can’t really expect hype tracks but the production is going to be quite high since it’s DJ Premier we’re talking about. The mixture of both soul and hip hop is wonderful and blends nicely with how Royce raps so this album is quite enjoyable despite its size. Now this album is feature heavy with about 2-3 tracks that doesn’t have features in them. And it has some recognizable names like: Slaughterhouse, Mac Miller, Ab-Soul, and Common to name a few.

Favorite Tracks 

Microphone Preem (Feat Slaughterhouse) – This is the last track on the album and the track that features Slaughterhouse, Royce’s Hip Hop supergroup in case you didnt’ get the memo. Now I’m a prominent fan of Slaughterhouse and love to hear them to do a feature if anything but this song was special. It paid homage or as a sequel to be more accurate to their first album together(the self titled album Slaughterhouse) and a track on that album called “Microphone“. This is probably the hype track of the album without the nonsense that hype tracks usually aim for. It’s griping and relentless with a short chorus to divide each verse.

You Should Know (Feat Dwele) – This is the track that really showcases Adrian’s sample and Preemo’s ability to mix. It’s mellow and truly psychedelic without taking away from the hip hop side. It’s a track that makes you wish more producers did sampling like this more often.

Courtesy – This is the single of the album and as per usual, singles are usually good, which is why they are used for promotional reasons. It’s pretty smooth and solid so no real notes on this one except once again the production being what stands out for me personally.

eminem-prhyme-skeudsEminem promoting PRhyme and his recent album collaboration Shady XV with a hoodie with their title during a freestyle featuring Royce.


quick pick up, smooth production by DJ Premier and it’s Royce on the mic. Do I need to say more? Just chemistry people, chemistry and I’m glad to see more and more people abusing it. And the features didn’t hold back on this album either so definitely pick this up.Having high hopes for more work from these guys in the future. So PRhyme get a 9/10 for doing what you usually assume about certain collaborations and coming through with it in the end. Nothing feels better than predicting something will be good…….and it’s good.


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