Bas – Last Winter Album Review

Another Album Review by Chef Scoob! The guy is taking serious cracks at reviewing stuff so here’s his thoughts on Bas “Last Winter” album.

l76bAlternate Album Cover

Bas a rapper from Queens, New York. He is with Dreamville Records that’s head by J. Cole, the album is 47 mins and 47 seconds with 13 tracks. The features on here are Mack Wilds, K-Quick ( another artist from the same label), J.Cole and Irvin Washington.

Some of the noticeable things about this album is J.Cole who does producing outside of rapping does not produce a track on here. I feel that this not a typical “nyc rap album” He says Queens and NYC but he doesn’t say “Im the king of New York” or “Im bringing NYC back”. There’s no club banger or radio song.
Track Review
Lit – This is the bonus track on the album but this was first single in 2013 and it was riding the wave of born sinner. Its deep thinking song and laid back. The chorus goes ” lit can you feel the buzz” ” do you believe in love?… whats your drug ” It true to some people. Love is a drug and it easy to get addict that’s what talk about in the song from falling love to have random sex looking for love.
Golden Goals – I think this is a “trying to make it” track in which Bas explains how he has dreams of making it and he knows in order to progress in his career he has to leave in order to grow. Because the nature of the rap game, If you try to keep it real and still rap you will end up jail. He raps it from a every day person point of view. Unlike the usual “you don’t know my struggle”
My Nigga Just Made Bail – The song starts off with an acoustic guitar, playing a carefree melody witch is carefree and addictive. J-cole is also feat again and they are rapping about what things they will do once with the friends are free.
Overall I like the album, If you catch this album on sale buy, its not the most driven album but its a easy listen with good replay value so I give it a solid 8/10.

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