Flying Lotus You’re Dead Guest Album Review

Not everyday someone decides that they’ll guest on your blog and do an album review. Now it’s format is nothing like mine but a review is a review. And what better album to review then the recently released album by FlyLo himself “You’re Dead“. I personally had no idea how to go about this album so he figured he’d do it for me.  So here it is!



Guest Blog Reviewer: Scoob

Flying Lotus – a producer from L.A, Has release his 5th album called you’re dead, He floats in different genres like jazz, electronic and hip hop.

The album has 19 tracks and last 38 mins and 13 seconds, Some of the feats on this album are Kendrick Lamar,Snoop Dogg, Thundercat, the enigma known as Captain Murphy, Angel Deradorian and Niki Randa. I know this album is listed under the dance/electronic section and this is far from a normal album in the genre.
This album is quick listen despite the amount of tracks the average song does not go longer than 3 mins, But compare to the dj mustard,mike will made it, jahil beats. It refreshing to hear some instrumentals and vocals with out the tag line at the start of every song
Notable Tracks: Never catch me feat kendrick lamar, two of most popular people in hip hop right now this track when it was first announced had a lot of hype around this and I feel like it lived up to the hype, The song sound like kendrick had a live band behind him. The bass in this has the lead and it gives the song body with the range. the song starts with kendrick song low and distorted and it get louder into his normal voice. ” I can see the darkness inside of and it’s quite amazing” ” Looking down at my soul now,tell me I’m in control now, tell me i can live long and I can live wrong and I can live right” I like those verse cause he asking question about trying to be good and trying to live before dying
Cold Dead– It starts off with the drums and guitar that seems like a rock jam session almost like rush’s xyz. but then the keyboard and saxophone comes in and chill out the track and turns into a jazz in about 5 seconds.
Turkey Dog Coma – This song is where flying lotus experimental side comes in. I think this where the electronica sides comes in, while most song in the genre has drum or bass as the lead sound he switches it up and puts the guitar into and the riffs, melodies and rhythm where the bass would be in is replaces. If you listen to drum and bass you will be wondering why this route is not taken more often.
The song that i did not like,
Siren Song, this song comes after never catch me and the intro music is the same and it has angel deradoorian feat on it. I was excepting a this 20 second music clip evolve into its own personality  but never happen and I didn’t hear angel sing just random vocals.
Descent into Madness –  I heard thundercat and flying lotus make some awesome music and I was excepting that but thundercat just said descent into madness over and over again. There no sense of being out of control or losing more like a background hunted house song that’s use to scared kids.
Overall, This a solid album nothing in the production was cheap or rushed. If you watch adult swim on cartoon network he does some of their beats. If I did a rating system this would be 6 out of 10. If you are able to buy this for under 12 bucks do it if not wait for the price to drop. The length of songs are leaving the listener wanting more I feel and some songs feel like demo.

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