Lecrae – Anomaly Album Review

Alright, it takes a while to come up with an album to review that I feel people will read or want to check out that album I review. And this one has been getting a ton of buzz especially in rankings. I’ve avoided it for a while but after acquiring it, I see what the hype is about. So time to crack out another review for Lecrae’s “Anomaly” which is  something currently big.  So let’s do this.


Anomaly was released September 9th, 2014 under Reach Records and is currently ranked #1 on the Billboard 200. That’s right, the #1 spot. That’s a big feature especially for the artist, and this will definitely put him on the map for many hip hop fans. It’s a little unorthodox to see Christian Rap dominating everything right now and that’s fine because it goes to show that what you least expect can overcome the norm.  This album is 15 tracks long so it’s a pretty decent size for an album and as features go, has a list of people you probably never heard of before. The only feature I recognize is Andy Mineo (who happens to be another christian rapper under the same label as Lecrae) which is fine because it gives you a taste of what there is out there.

Lecrae Rehab HS

First Impressions

The first track “Outsiders” starts off with a pretty soft introduction before leading off into a more upbeat  hip hop track. It’s not a strong track really but it’s what comes after it. The 2nd track “Welcome To America” really leaves an impression as Lecrae explains the social system of America through a first person view of different characters (a young African American living up as a gangster in the hoods of America, An American soldier, and an immigrant wanting to live in America). This is a track that people can really relate with the frustrations in living in this country and the way it treat it’s people or people in general. But it’s strange how it quickly changes tone with the 3rd track “Say I Won’t” featuring Andy Mineo seems more fun compared to the more serious last track.

nuttingthe album single


What I didn’t Like: 

well nothing to really hate about this one. It does a good job sending different messages with each track (with the exception of a few in which it seems it was done in fun of rapping, which one should have the freedom to do so).


What I Did Like: 

there hasn’t been good rap with a message in a while or probably at all this year and this was really enlightening to listen to. And even though it’s got the title of “Christian Rap” it’s not overbearing with the religious message so you don’t have to worry about someone telling you all about God for 15 tracks. There are some messages towards the religion but it’s decent exposure which is fine. But this album practically has something for everyone. It has a bit of Conscious Rap, the obvious Christian Rap, and just regular Hip Hop in it.


It was worth the hype I suppose seeing how I haven’t heard anything impressive this year since this album. Which is welcome to change anytime I pick up more stuff but for the time being, this is the best one so far and I recommend you guys check out as soon as you can.  It’s emotional, it’s fun, and it’s impressive so this album gets a 9/10 for doing an amazing job. Now I need to find a way to turn off the repeat button before I start to hate a few songs.


Favorite Tracks:
1. Welcome to America
2. Say I Won’t
3. Runners
4. Give In
5. Nuthin



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