Danger Doom The Mouse and the Mask Album Review

Finally figured out what I wanted to review. It’s not easy to figure out what you wanna review, especially when it’s mixed feelings. Wouldn’t be much to talk about if I didn’t think much of an album but hey I got something worth talking about. Today’s review will be something a little unconventional. The collaboration of two artists in one! Danger Mouse (leaving my previous grudge with you aside) and MF Doom to create the Danger Doom duo and their first ever album titled: “The Mouse and the Mask“.  Let’s get started


The Mouse and the Mask” was released on October 11, 2005 with MF Doom as the rapper and Danger Mouse as the music producer for this project. This album is heavily influenced by cartoons that aired on Adult Swim during that time period (which includes Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Brak Show, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Sealab 2021, and Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law) and even has some of the voice casting of the main characters from the shows participating in the album.  There are 14 tracks on this album, which isn’t much larger than normal size albums (which usually consists of 12-13 tracks).  This album was also advertised by Adult Swim and Dave Chappelle, giving it pretty good publicity.

220px-Dangerdoomeu The European Cover



The first track “El Chupa Libre” is pretty smooth and starts off with a few recordings from characters (Brak being the more notable one).  It does showcase Doom’s rapping style really well and rapping a little faster than he normally raps. But you gotta keep your ears open from here on out because there will be tons of references from Adult Swim cartoons. Then this track ends with Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force leaving a voicemail to Doom about being apart of the album and being quite upset he wasn’t considered for it(Take note he will be leaving more comedic voicemails throughout this album).  The album continues for the next few tracks to be a little bit upbeat and with comedic recordings as the theme of this album.


Things I didn’t Like: 

MF Doom’s rapping style isn’t my favorite since it’s not flashy or on beat like most mainstream rappers.  But the man is a respectable rapper nonetheless and I don’t think anyone else could of done this album better than him. But what I will say is that this album was overall good and nothing much to complain about. Just the way I like it, easy listen but might require a little knowledge of the shows to catch on to some of the jokes made on this album.  Unfortunately, this album isn’t something I would listen to on the daily.


Things I Did Like: 

way too many to count. First of all, the recordings can be quite funny and entertaining despite being a hip hop album. The samples are quite solid and Doom does a good job working in chemistry with it. With guest stars like Talib Kweli, and Ghostface Killah, this album is really enjoyable. What I liked the most was listening to the characters interact with some of the tracks, whether they start or end it.  It makes me miss some of the cartoons that used to show on Adult Swim but that’s another conversation.



I’ll say this is what Nerdcore should always sound like. Notable relations and entertaining, this is an album I can listen to from time to time and gives me that feeling of nostalgia of watching pretty decent mature themed cartoons (and of course the anime that showcased as well). I would recommend this to anyone interested in Nerdcore to be quite specific. MF Doom is a not a rapper for everyone and should remain that way. I give this album a 8/10 for being overall entertaining and doing a little extra to be fun and comedic.

Now I can go back to my grudge with Danger Mouse.  You know what you did wrong.



Favorite Tracks:
1. Old School
3. Basket Case
4.  Space Ho’s
5. Sofa King



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