Alter Bridge Fortress Album Review


The Eagle returns for another album review but this time finally dipping my feet into the Rock genre. Rock was very prominent during my high school days since most of my friends either listened to it, played guitar or Guitar Hero (which was a popular game franchise for like 3 years) and it was cool. Unfortunately for me they didn’t really like Hip Hop which was a genre I grew up with and grown to love and it was frowned upon for it’s subject matter and it hitting the mainstream with garbage and repetition. But that’s another story. I knew it was time to hit up the old roots and pull out the love for the rock genre and subgenres and a friend recommended “Alter Bridge“, his favorite band. I’ve heard a few songs before and agreed to review it since they had a sound I found quite appealing to the ears. So here it is the review for their recent albumFortress“.

Fortress was released on September 25,2013 as Alter Bridge’s 4th studio album and it entered at #6 in the UK album chart, and debuted at #12 on the Billboard 200 for the people who love statistics. The album is 12 tracks long making it a normal size album according to yours truly. For the people unfamiliar with the AB they’re a Heavy Metal band so if you’re not interested in that kind of rock then this is not for you. Other than that time to get into the nitty gritty.

Things I Didn’t Like:

Rock is like Indie in which I’m not strongly familiar with it so in terms of professional judgement I don’t have much to give. But I still have an opinion right? I will say this album doesn’t have any holes in it and it’s quite energetic so nothing bad to report on this one.

Things I Did Like:

This album is explosive and filled with energy. First impressions are key for album reviews and they will determine whether a not an album will be good or not. “Cry of Achilles” does more than come on strong it left a great impression of what’s to come. It doesn’t stop there. The track order makes sure that the next few tracks are also great and filled with energy. The first three tracks on the album: Cry of Achilles, Addicted to Pain, and Bleed it Dry are great enough to be singles (with the exception of Addicted to Pain being the actual single). It does change tones with “Lover” and tends to bounce around a bit but it remains exactly what I’ve said before, Energetic. It is anything but boring and as my friend says “AB has so much creativity and imagination every track will be different from the last” and I almost 100% agree with him. Maybe here and there you’ll hear something that sounds familiar but on a general level it sounds fresh and new compared to what I listen to normally or anything from their previous work. Originality is what I believe is needed to step above the rest of the crowd and Fortress is a showcase of that ability. And I gotta make note that Myles Kennedy is a great vocalist. I can listen to this guy on the mic all day…..Too late.


I got my eyes on a few rock albums to review but this one was too good not to review first. I will say Alter Bridge has my love and my respect and I’m glad I got put on this album and the band itself. I Await more works in the future so for now I’ll give this album a 9/10 for originality, energy, and the consistent urge to wanna head bang or get hyped to play action video games. If you got any albums you want me to check out, shoot a message or post a comment and I’ll check it out! Other than that, continue to rock on and stay tuned for the next review.

Favorite Tracks:

1. Cry of Achilles
2. Addicted To Pain
3. Peace is Broken
4. Fortress
5. Bleed it Dry


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