Bastion Original Soundtrack Review


I’ve reviewed only a handful of stuff on this blog so far but haven’t touched something outside of your norm. So this time gonna tackle a gaming soundtrack, a game I recently played and finished that I enjoyed so much called “Bastion“. Aside from the grand narration that is Bastion and the pretty amazing gameplay experience, the soundtrack added the finishing touches to the game. Most games have music playing in the background and are easily forgettable with the exception of maybe one or two tracks but not this one. It’s design matched every mood and every situation perfectly as it slid under smoothly with the amazing storytelling. I’m already missing the game as I write this……that’s how great it was to me. Anyways time for the breakdown.

The soundtrack is composed by Darren Korb and is about 22 tracks long which is I’m not too sure if it’s large in terms of gaming soundtracks since I don’t review them often nor listen to them with the exception of a few favorite tracks. But the game itself is about a good 8-12 hours of gameplay and if you enjoyed it as much as I did the replay value is pretty moderate to high, so I’ll say 22 tracks did a good job covering the gaming experience. The soundtrack has this Old Western acoustics guitar feeling mixed with a modern rock feel so it’s not just compelling but can be exciting as well. Something about Old Westerns make you feel like you’re on some long adventure whether it’s for money or justice, but this game is all about saving the world so it sorta fits. The soundtrack shifts from soothing and relaxing to increasingly progressive and action packed to deep and meaningful, so it’s got a lot of emotion in it. But what  I did notice about the soundtrack is that it had added tracks I didn’t hear in the game before and only listening to the soundtrack would of given me that pleasure such as the track “From Wharf to Wilds” which featured in one of the trailers they used to promote the game. It is indeed one of my favorite tracks of the soundtrack and heck one of the songs I searched for desperately on Youtube to find since it didn’t show up in the game. Thank you denizens of the internet for making an extended version of this song and having the same love for it as I. But in terms of highlights for this soundtrack will have to go to the 3 tracks that actually have vocals in it: “Build That Wall“, “Mother I’m Here“, and the combination of both tracks “Setting Sail, Coming Home“.

These 3 tracks notably really changed the tone of the game for me as it really unveiled the darker undertones of the game. “Build That Wall” really tackles the main characters really sad backstory involving building the Wall of Caelondia in which it was used to protect it’s citizens. Then “Mother I’m Here” is another deep track about returning home, and that feeling you get when you’re home sick. Another song that really reveals the meaning behind the backstory of another character named “Zulf“. And Last but not least “Setting Sail, Coming Home” yams them both together with a nice touch as the games’ ending song. It raps it up really nicely and sets the tone for finishing the adventure, especially since the game has two different endings. Bastion allows you to play the game over again with all your stuff and upgrades so you can totally play the game again for the 2nd ending while enjoying this awesome soundtrack again for the 2nd time.

I’m glad to know that the creators Supergiant Games have made another game called “Transistor” and I believe they’re getting the same composer to do the soundtrack for that as well. Either way it’s going to be another amazing experience and hopefully I will get the chance to play that as well. But as for Bastion, It’s definitely a must play for people who enjoy indie games and check out the soundtrack if you like anything with acoustics or rock in it. I give the soundtrack an 9/10 for fitting the games flow and also being enjoyable as standalone tracks.

Favorite Tracks:
1. Brusher Patrol
2. Build That Wall
3. The Bottom Feeders
4. Slinger’s Song
5.  In Case of Trouble

“So build that wall and build it stronger cuz, we’ll be there before too long….
Gone build that wall up to the sky….gone build that wall up to the sky”



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