Nujabes Metaphorical Music Album Review



So I’m back with another Album Review. This time I’m going to backtrack somewhat and attack some “Nujabes” music. For the people who listen to the podcast I did a Nujabes Tribute episode called “Nostalgia In Music” where I basically talk about music we “used” to listen to or give that feeling of nostalgia. Some times you gotta roll out the classics and jam out a bit like you used to. Despite my episode being a tribute to the great producer, all I really did was play his music in the background showcasing his work (which are great in case you didn’t already know). For those who aren’t familiar with Nujabes you might be familiar with the anime known as “Samurai Champloo” and if you are he did the soundtrack for the show including the opening theme “Battlecry“. With that in mind gonna take a crack at reviewing some of his work with perspective.

Metaphorical Music was released on August 21, 2003 as Nujabes first solo album as an instrumental hip hop album and won many acclaims from fans and critics.Most of the album contains samples from various locations and hints at many different genres despite universally a hip hop album especially at face value. But it holds a lot of undertones and sections that can relate to other genres like Jazz or Soul. There’s 15 tracks on this album so it’s pretty lengthy, giving it lots of options of favorites to choose from especially if you’re a Nujabes fan and want to look for more of his music like I did. It may be called an instrumental album but it does have features that have vocals on it. About 4-6 in total?

Things I didn’t Like: 

The features for the rappers on this album aren’t all that great but it’s not a bad thing. It gives people chance to shine and allows experimentation with people no one’s heard of before and also gives the rappers themselves a chance for experience or spotlight. Personally it didn’t vibe as great as a lot of rappers i listen to but I won’t bash them because it wasn’t painful to the ears compared to the stuff you hear on the radio or the internet sometimes. Souljaboy I’m looking at you. Stop it. Now.


Things I Did Like: 

The praise for this album was well worth it. The combination of instruments with the hip hop beats work so well together like art or a prophet making a proverb involving the flow of water. My favorite is when it uses Flutes and The Piano in sync with kicks and hi hats. This album is pretty chill and been debating whether or not I would play any of it in the car for whatever reason. But it’s pretty soothing for a hip hop album so try not to fall asleep and it goes to show that hidden treasures have to be “hidden” and then found which increases the quality. Not a lot of people know Nujabes and even though he may be gone, his music will definitely resonate in the underground scene as masterpieces. Rest in Peace.

Favorite Tracks:
1. Peaceland
2. Beats Laments the World
3. F.I.L.O.
4. Kumomi
5. Horn in the Middle


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