Dan Croll – Sweet Disarray Album Review

Been a while so time to do what I like to do most! Do an album review. Now for the people who’ve read the Toro y Moi – Anthing in Return album review I did a while back first and foremost thank you for reading that and hopefully you guys went to go check that out. Now, as I said on that album review I had my eye in the indie genre and been wanting to dip my feet into that style of music for a while now. And I got my chance when someone posted a song from him on a Facebook group I’m in. The song was “From Nowhere” and I remember I had the remix of that song also hailing from Grand Theft Auto V‘s soundtrack. Amazing how that game has some pretty good music in it and it’s helping me branch out to different places which is astonishing to say. I enjoyed the original version of the song and figured I’d check out his album to see how it fares. Another great decision and I’m happy I’ve made it.


Sweet Disarray was released on March 14, 2014 by Deram Records which is located in the United Kingdom. It consists of 12 tracks in total with no added extra nor a deluxe version so what you get is….what you get. It’s classified as Indie and Pop Rock so if you’re interested in any of those genres then this might be for you, which retorts why I went after it in the first place. This is Dan Croll‘s very first official album so you can say he’s fresh to the business and he’s got a lot of growing to do and definitely a lot of time to increase his catalog of product. But I will definitely be looking forward to future releases.

What I didn’t like:

Well not much to report on this one besides it all sounds similar. This album played straight makes me worry about which track is which since they mostly sound the same so I have to listen to each song at least 2-3 times to really differ and pick out a favorite. So I would say in terms of doing a review on it, that was a bit problematic which was a bit hilarious to me thanks to my awkward humor. But other than that no real problems with this album.


What I Did Like:

This album has many sides to it and the way it incorporates things is what I really like about it artistically. Most of the album is pretty upbeat in nature like most things under the pop tag and like the tag entitles it really highlights the vocals the most. With a little research I was lead to find that he had a one on one session with Paul McCartney which is a big deal. So his voice is pretty gentle and it doesn’t try to hard to do what it cannot and hits the notes with tune perfection. Another thing I enjoy the most is the incorporation of live instruments (or what i would say would be live instruments) which increases the refreshing sound. I personally love percussion instruments and when they are used in the right way it rings nicely in my ears and definitely will push me towards a more biased outlook but this album is far from perfect in my book. I’m not ready to be a expert judge on the indie genre since I’m new to it so I’ll leave it as it is but I am looking forward to seeing what Dan will do next with his musicianship. I give this album a solid 8/10. It’s pretty good and I recommend it for people who want something upbeat and cheerful but still can hold a deep tone here and there. But I will say a friend did describe it the best when he said “music you can listen to when driving in the middle of nowhere”.

Favorite Tracks:
1. Can You Hear Me
2. From Nowhere
3. Wanna Know
4. Must Be Leavning
5. Thinking Aboutchu


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