Toro y Moi – Anything in Return Album Review


Welp! I return with another album review! But this time with something outside of my usual comfort zone, which is great because it introduces me into the wonders of the world. Now this is stuff you normally have to go digging up, or recommended to because Toro y Moi isn’t something that casually falls into your lap, which ironically enough it started that way. I was playing Grand Theft Auto 5 back in September and scrolling through the radio channels and I came across one of his songs which conveniently came off this album called “So Many Details” and I enjoyed it more than I thought. Heck I even downloaded the remix with Hodgy Beats and I love them both.Then a friend of mine recommended me to his EP “Freaking Out” and I loved the EP. Then he ended up sending me his second album “Underneath the Pine” which I found to be under par compared to Freaking Out but was still a good listen. But his song “So Many Details” wasn’t found in any of these albums so I had to find out where it came from and thus I came across his recent album “Anything in Return” and it was a gold mine. So let’s get started on this review.

“Anything in Return” is the third studio album by American recording artist Toro y Moi, released on January 16, 2013 by Carpark Records. Toro y Moi describes it as a “bigger sounding album, more accessible and poppy”, as lyrically he wrestles with relationship problems and life on the road (as supplied by It got ranked #60 on the US Billboards 200, #14 in US Alternative Albums, #9 in US Independent Albums, and finally ranked #1 on US Dance/Electronic Albums, meaning this bad boy has recognition for it’s creativity and production. It’s surprising to me when I find out how it ranks while I type this out since I just listen to stuff ignorantly about statistics, so it’s pretty shocking to find out this album did so well and I can actually cosign. This album has 13 tracks in total so it’s your normal size album and it does a good job with tackling different genres from indie pop, to electronic, and some elements of R&B. 


What I didn’t like:

Hard to pin point something general or specific to what I didn’t like. I would say about one or two songs that I would say I disliked but nothing majorly wrong with it, just something I didn’t vibe to. If there’s anything I would say about what I dislike about the album would be the artist himself. His voice is pretty soothing but sometimes it doesn’t do the job, sometimes it sounds like it falls short but that’s just my opinion on his voice. Other than that I’m pretty lenient on how to judge what I didn’t like. But I do know, that hopefully in the future he starts doing more features on his albums, I would totally like to hear him do collaborations with other people.

What I did Like:

Well, to start the song that drawn me to the album in the first place: So Many Details. It describes this somewhat troubling relationship that the artist is having, but in a sense trying to mend it along. but it’s pretty interesting how the bass and the electronic synths work well with his vocals on this song, definitely a listen. But don’t think it’s the only worth listening track on the album oh no, there’s a grand handful I find very entertaining and would easily add to my list of favorites. Granted I haven’t been really exposed to the alternative/indie genre too much(with the exception of Gorillaz who really shy close to the hip hop genre sometimes with a lot of rapping or rappers for that matter). But the album does a good job hitting the right notes and exposing it’s true nature for the genre it represents, it’s soothing but can be fun at times despite the nature/theme it holds. I definitely would recommend this to anyone who wants to stray off their norm and try something new, or just enjoy listening to something that’s soft and tender with a hint of playfulness to give it color. I give this album an 8/10 for overall excellence. But definitely go check out Toro y Moi’s other works, especially Freaking Out. It’s short in track number but it’s upbeat and exciting.

Favorite Tracks:
1. So Many Details
2. Cola
3. Rose Quartz
4. Say That
5. Harm in Change


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