Artist on Your Radar (click to listen)


Artist on Your Radar (click to listen)

Alright, back with another episode for you guys and a few announcements to make. Going on a month hiatus but with good cause. Going to use that time to work on something big and something exclusive so definitely keep your eyes open for it. Other than that, check this out and hopefully you get a new artist you might like. Plus if you liked the album review of Toro y Moi, check this episode out. got a few samples of the guy on there just for you.

Electronic Music (Click to listen)



Electronic Music (Click to listen)

Hey guys, finally back from my month break for the podcast, didn’t do it on purpose, it’s March meaning school picked up and I just have to grind a bit. Plus a few changes have been made to the network, not small changes either. BIG changes. So had to basically get with the times for the changes and accommodate to them. But you’ll be seeing those changes in the future. Plus i’m working on a big project so expect that. Other than that check out this new episode about Electronic Music featuring DJ Wu. Go check him out! Links in the description box on the video page.