C2C Tetra Album Review

And I have returned for another album review! This time to talk about a personal favorite album I enjoyed listening to last year called “Tetr4” by C2C (which is when I acquired it). It’s pretty cool that I learned about it through an EP that C2C had called ‘Down the Road” and from there got to “Tetra” (styled Tetr4). It’s a pretty cool album to say the least but time to break it down for you.

“Tetr4” was released on September 2nd, 2012 and the album reached the top of French chart from  September 3rd to September 9th and peaked at #35 on Hot Modern Rock Tracks. The cool thing is the tracks off the EP “Down The Road” (which was released earlier that year in January) got added to this album all except 2 tracks(which were pretty good so I recommend getting both the EP and the Album). So in total its 14 tracks including 4 tracks from the EP making it pretty fulfilling in terms of content. Since this is C2C‘s first album it was pretty interesting to listen to and really get the grasp of what type of group they are. They’re classified as “Break Beat”, a genre I’m not familiar with but because of them I’m willing to find out. Besides that I would say the album cover which has a bunch of naked Asian women covered up by balloons is an eye grabber. Granted it has literally nothing to do with the album which is ironic.

Things I didn’t like:

Well pretty hard to say what I don’t like about this album. It was pretty diverse in terms of content, really diverse. I mean about 2-3 tracks had rapping in it (in a sense) but the style wasn’t that of Hip Hop so it’s a new experience definitely. So the only thing I can say is that…if you’re aren’t really open minded musically, this album won’t be enjoyable for you.

Things I Did Like: 

Too many things to count. Like I said previously, it’s diverse so it’s got some pop, dance, rapping, and instrumentals all in 14 tracks. It’s cool how they constructed this album this way and you can hear them on the turntable doing the scratching and rewind sound DJ’s do on it which is pretty awesome. In fact a few songs sound like they would of been played on the radio if anything but I’m not sure if people ever heard of them. It’s exciting and playful and can be chill all at the same time so I definitely enjoyed this album extremely and is one of my favorite albums of all time.


Overall this album is diverse and pretty fun so it does a good job being what music should be, enjoyable. The tones are always changing so it’s never really constant for too long unless intended (like the instrumentals) and I tend to want to sing along with some of the tracks with vocals in it. It’s interactive and I definitely recommend this album to people who just enjoy listening to music. So I give this album a perfect score of 10/10 for being refreshing and reminding me exactly what good music sounds like.

Favorite Tracks:

  1. Down The Road
  2. The Beat
  3. The Cell
  4. Who Are You (Feat. Oliver Daysoul)
  5. F.U.Y.A.
  6. Le Banquet



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