Satellite Flight: Journey to the Moon Album Review


And time to get at Kid Cudi‘s New Album: “Satellite Flight: Journey to the Moon”. Now I was incredibly unaware that Kid Cudi was still doing hip hop again. Last I remember he had left the game to do WZRD (correct me if I’m wrong) and even left G.O.O.D. Music, so big shocker when friends on my facebook told me Cudi dropped a surprise album. A Hip hop one at that, so I was quickly excited to get it. So after I did get it, figured it would be a good idea to review it since it’s treks outside of what you would consider a hip hop album but at the same time it’s something you would expect from Kid Cudi. But let’s get started.

“Satellite Flight: The Journey to the Moon” was released on February 25th 2014 and the  album debuted at number four on the Billboard 200 chart, with first-week sales of 87,000 digital copies in the United States. It was composed by Cudi himself and his WZRD band mate Dot Da Genius and is apparently a sequel to his “Man on the Moon” series. Personally been slacking on my Kid Cudi knowledge and his music, have several tracks from him but no albums but after the release of this one, might go get the rest when I can. But being #4 on the Billboard 200 is serious business, good job Cudi. But time I judge it personally.

What I Didn’t Like: 

This album has a lot of creativity to be honest. I’m not too familiar with the format he’s done for the previous albums so I’m not going to be quick to judge it as weird and out of place. But it was lacking the hip hop element seriously. This didn’t feel like a hip hop album at all despite it being under that genre label. Personally i’m used to him doing hip hop so this is new to me. I don’t hate it just came off as surprising, so I had to listen to this album a few times (with headphones to immerse myself entirely) before being able to make a serious judgement on it. But other than that I would say I kinda understand why it sounds like that. It matches the “Man on the Moon” or that space like theme so I’m not going to complain.

What Did I Like: 

Like I previous stated, it has a lot of creativity and it matches that out-worldly theme. I feel like I’m in the 80s-90s watching space operas and dramas like Star Trek or Star Wars but with the vibrant tone that Cudi produces with his vocals. Personally I love the way Cudi does his thing, it’s like he’s rhythmically rapping without it sounding like he’s rapping but singing instead. That trait is one thing I say makes his music so interesting and enjoyable, so it’s like he’s singing in space (or the way I see it). Despite it wasn’t much rapping in it or what I’m used to from Cudi, it slowly started to warm up to me as melodic in a sense and something I can easily chill too. A friend even told me that’s probably music you can smoke weed too, so why not right? (I don’t smoke for anyone concerned or curious lol) So far the one track that really caught my attention outside of the 1st track (that I tend to call the introduction track) was “Balmain Jeans“. This song is very sexual and melodic and it’s crazy but for some odd reason it sends me to Cloud 9 and just chill when it plays. It’s definitely a keeper in my book, and I “fangasmed” when recommending the song to a friend and renamed the album “Kid Cudi Presents : Balmain Jeans”.


This album is something different and probably shouldn’t be called a Hip Hop album for proper reference. If Kid Cudi ever decides to make a soundtrack for a Sci-Fi Movie I’ll be very ecstatic to listen to it (just as much as Daft Punk doing Tron Legacy). but definitely a great listen but I will recommend to really be open minded about this album if you’re a Hip Hop fan. For the Cudi fans, I’ll just say he did exactly what you would expect of him and it’s great so definitely go check it out. I give Satellite Flight: Journey to the Moon a 9/10 for creativity and a smooth rhythm that matches my music tastes wonderfully. Roll favorite tracks (credits) and Balmain Jeans.

Favorite Tracks: 

  1. Balmain Jeans
  2. Going To the Ceremony
  3. Destination: Mother Moon
  4. Satellite Flight

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