Love Death Immortality Album Review


It’s finally here, took a while been incredibly busy (still am) but because of circumstances I can finally report my album review for The Glitch Mob‘s New album “Love Death Immortality“. Now if you’re not familiar with The Glitch Mob per say go check out my Artist Highlight Episode for them and get yourself caught up if you want. They’re an electronic group so understand that the genre here is Electronic. Anyways, let’s get started!

Love Death Immortality was released on February 11th 2014 and debuted at #13 on the Billboard 200. So pretty much it’s up there for an album that started at the beginning of the year. More to come but until then it ranks at #13 for now (might of changed since it’s almost been a month). It album only comes with 10 tracks, not hefty but not small either. Considering it’s been a while since they gave us anything (Their last EP: “We Can Make The World Stop” was released in 2011 and their previous and 1st Album: “Drink The Sea” was released in 2010 and a bunch of remixes and 2 mixtapes in between), I as a fan was pretty stoked when the album  single “Cant Kill Us” dropped late last year.  Now time to get personal about it.

What I didn’t like: 

Sometimes, people create a specific style in which they do albums and if you listen close enough you can hear that style be used on almost every track. For this album, the sound material or style they used for the majority of the 10 tracks sounds pretty similar. Sometimes when I listen to the album on shuffle I feel like I hear the same song over again with the exception of maybe 2-3 tracks or the new vocals they’ve added into the mix. I’ll talk about the vocals later but they have them on 5 tracks so that takes up half the album with vocals in it. Meaning most of the album pretty much sounds the same if you really tune into it. It’s not terrible thing per say since each one has a different change in either pace or intensity but overall you might get confused on which track is which since it all almost sounds the same. And that is so far my only grims with it.

What Did I Like: 

Despite the fact that they sound pretty similar in nature, a majority of the songs pop and are very dramatic especially the album single “Cant Kill Us” which I can personally say hypes me intensely. Might actually be my favorite song from The Glitch Mob entirely but, still debatable at this point in time. Now I can reiterate the vocals. The Glitch Mob only had one vocal song from their Drink The Sea album and it was a great song (refer to track “Between Two Points“). Female Vocals on their dramatic and the explosive creativity of the album really sinks in nicely. It’s not a perfect formula but I enjoyed it entirely. I didn’t hate any songs but I had songs I rather not listen to because the other songs I liked really exaggerate the album for me. But if given the opportunity I wouldn’t mind just listening to the whole album without much problem.


All in all, it was a great album and a great start of the year for me music wise. Since I don’t really get much recommendations outside of a few genres, and the over saturation of Hip Hop albums I have in my inventory, this really pushed my music taste another mile in the opposite direction of simply just Hip Hop. Been checking out Indie and Alternative but that’s for another day but for now I give the album an 8/10 for overall being a great listen and giving me another chance to put my favorite Electronic Group back on the map.

My Favorite Tracks:

  1. Can’t Kill Us
  2. Mind of a Beast
  3. Skytoucher
  4. Our Demons (feat. Aja Volkman)

Here’s the link to the Artist Highlight Episode


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