Album Review: The Marshall Mathers LP2


So Eminem’s new album “The Marshall Mathers LP2” dropped on tuesday (Novemeber 5th) and it was a well anticipated album for me personally. I enjoyed Bad Meets Evil The Sequel Album and I’ve been a consistent Eminem fan throughout a good majority of his career. So it’s only obvious I really wanted to get this album.

Now the first thing I noticed was the album cover was literally the same as the first LP. A house somewhat in the woods (or covered by trees, definitely not an urban area)  just a few changes to the house and removed Eminem from the picture who was sitting on the stairs. So the first thing I got out of that was a feel of nostalgia. It has been 13 years since the first LP and a lot has changed since then especially for Eminem as a rapper. The LP has 16 tracks on it ( 5 bonus tracks on the Deluxe Version making it 21 total tracks) and only one track is an intermission track (Track #2 Parking Lot Skit). So this Album is pretty hefty.

Personally I feel like the album feels sounds closely to the Recovery he released back in 2009 but less emotional feeling put into it. There is still emotion in this album definitely but Recovery was basically getting it off his chest. All the things he needed to say and how he felt was said in that album so now that he’s back on track this LP is probably his strongest since Bad Meets Evil. I like the references he makes on his opening track Bad Guy. Apparently it seems like he’s having a narration against his alter ego Slim Shady and it gets pretty deep (somewhat dark). But I won’t spoil what is said on the track for those who are familiar with Eminem’s previous quirks and quotes from old tracks so Bad Guy is definitely a trip down memory lane.

I’ve only listened to the entire album about 2 times from wednesday (when I got it) till now so this isn’t a full opinion on this album but I would say it’s pretty good. I enjoyed more tracks on this LP then I disliked and that has to amount for something. I would definitely recommend this LP to any Eminem fan or anyone who wants to know what Hip Hop is really all about. It doesn’t follow a mainstream flow (the constant talk of getting money, women, alcohol, and smoking weed) so if you’re looking for hip hop songs that deviates from that norm this is an album you should check out.

I give this Album an 8/10.  Remember this is a personal opinion so please don’t trip lol.

Personal Favorite Tracks:
Bad Guy
Rap God
Beautiful Pain


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